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The Future of Fashion

On October 21st 2018 Toronto Kids Fashion Week held the first ever audition for their annual fashion show that throws a spotlight on children clothing designers. In the wonderful AstroLabs Studio in the heart of downtown Toronto, people from all over the GTA weathered the congestion and traffic caused by a marathon to attend the audition. The air practically buzzed with excitement and nerves, as parents, children and judges embarked on this adventure. The audition was simple small groups of children would gather before the judges, introduce themselves, and walk down the runway. They had the chance to strike three of their best poses before walking off. Less than a minute to make an impression, and to catch the eyes of our judges and to officially become a TKFW model. The judges were made of a neat mixture of industry professionals Shawn Byfield, Candice Pirali, Maddison Lynn, Peggi Lepage, and Al Mon; that represented everything that TKFW believes in, and so here is 5 reasons why these kids are going to make the first ever Toronto Kids Fashion Week one to never forget.

1. Confidence starts early! At the auditions not only were some cute and stylish 3 year olds showing off their best walk, but so many of them had confidence that many grown adults don’t.

Photo credits to @m.for.moments

2.Goal oriented! These kids had their eyes on the prize and completely came to win, some eve going so far as to tell judges that their dream is to be a model, fashion designer, and or actor. They knew what they wanted and they were here to get it! That kind of determination and fierceness would only be amazing and eye catching on the runway.

Photo credits to @m.for.moments

3. Miss Lynn, the official model mentor the fabulous Miss Lynn was one of the judges for Toronto Kids Fashion Week. Not only was she wowed by many of the aspiring models, but she was excited to work with them. Not only is the show going to benefit from amazing models, but they are all going to be coached by someone who is talented and enthusiastic about their job. The future looks bright.

Photo credits to @m.for.moments

4. It would be remised if we didn’t mention the fashion, Candice Pirali designer of the brand Love Candice was another of TKFW judges. Just one of the many brands that will grace the runway, which these beautiful kids will get to model showing parents that they do not need to dress their kids in the same old boring clothes as everyone else.

5. Finally, The kids are sooooooo cute!!!

Photo credits to @arina_mikhailova_art

Those were five reasons Toronto Kids Fashion Week Year One will be one to remember. The first foray into greatness is always monumental, and you are going to want to be there. So just ask yourself, Are You Runway Ready?

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