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Magic Happened in Toronto

Magic happened on December the 8th 2018, it was the date of the first annual Toronto Kids Fashion Week, which is a show about shining the spotlight onto kids fashion designers. Toronto Kids Fashion Week was born from the desire to make a one-stop kids fashion carnival. Kids have style and personality just as much as adults, maybe even more so and there are so many kids fashion brands out there to suit each child, but not enough people know about them. Made to be a one-stop platform for kids fashion industries, Toronto Kids Fashion Week have to gather top-recognized designers, kids fashion collection brands, kids fashion media as well as kids modelling agencies making the fashion week a treat for everyone in the fashion industry. In the first year, Toronto Kids Fashion Week gathered together 13 astounding brands to help celebrate kids fashion, with a mix of many different styles and fashions that were all for kids it gave each brand the chance to shine.

Though the name is misleading Toronto Kids Fashion Week is not yet a fashion week, but do not let that deter you from this fantastic event. The day-long event at Daniel Spectrum was broken into two shows, one at 3 and another at 7. Before the start of the 3 o’clock show the lobby that hosted an espresso bar by Espresso Bike Bar, a raffle sponsored by Rogers Communications, Mastermind Toys and a regular bar by Bartending School of Ontario was packed with excited parents, buyers, and media members.

Once everyone was seated the show opened with a performance by Tron Dance. A young dance troupe with dancers in their early teens.

The earlier show starting at 3 was filled with brands for the tiniest of people. The most adorable models from the ages 3 to 9 graced the runway. The first brand was Moka made by Portuguese designer Zalia Ribau, has a great love for children's fashion with finer details. With some of the youngest models of the whole show starting at 3 years old! These little cuties stole hearts as they walked towards the eager crowd.

With the crowd suitably warmed up for the show they wasted no time getting the next brand out on the runway. With international designer brand LOSAN imported by Agency Ragal. AGENCY RAGAL was founded in 1994 by Mr. Konstantinos Douligeris. This designer switched it up bringing out older kids in casual wear, showing off the cool styles for young boys.

Though an international kids fashion powerhouse showed us all why it’s brands were so popular with you